Hi, my name is Ying!

Qigong (pronounced "Chi Gung"), is similar to yoga. A Chinese exercise that involves body movement, breath, and meditation. It also includes working with the emotions, organs, meridians, and fascial lines. You will find my instructional, guided, and non guided versions of each exercise. I recommend beginning with the Meridian Qigong as your warmup, then dragon, tiger, leopard, snake, and finally crane (all on one day, or one day each). With practice, you will begin to see increases in flexibility, balance, and movement efficiency. Enjoy!


What our customers are saying

"Ying's Qigong practice is beautiful and inspiring! As a teacher she is kind and professional. Her style is thorough yet encouraging. White Tiger Qigong is life changing and Ying is a wonderful Guide"

Kristen H.

"Ying's guided videos are easy to follow for every beginner and the unguided ones are great fro those that need a reminder which step is coming, but already know the move and want to challenge themselves. I highly recommend Ying's course."


"Great work with your website, it is clean and minimalistic, I love it."